Weird Wealth Profiles


Profiling the worlds richest men and women who made their money in the strangest ways!

Li Xiang and PCPOP

Born in 1981 to a family of a theater director, Li Xiang is one of the youngest multi-millionaires in the world. From his early childhood, the owner of felt passionate about computers. Being aware of the recent news on IT technologies, Li decided to follow the lead of Michael Dell and Bill Gates. Just… Continue

Cameron Johnson

ty warner

Ty Warner’s Beanie Babies Hit It in Billion

The goal of every inventor is to produce something that will change radically the world and at the same time, set themselves way up high financially in the process. Ty Warner, a dropout at Kalamazoo College, began venturing on taking a job of selling stuffed toys.  He humbly started with his own line collection of… Continue

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson started his career when he was only nine years old. And to be precise, his career started the day he founded his company, Cheers and Tears. It started with simple handmade cards, created in Photoshop. Cameron made these cards for family and friends, but soon enough his neighbors and friends, teachers and strangers… Continue

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