The man behind the dog poop-scooping empire, Mathew Osborn


Whoever said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and this was actually very right. Most people envision scooping poop as disgusting and crappy, but for one Mathew Osborn this is just a million dollar earning activity.  Surely, who would ever think of such an idea? I’m double sure if Mathew was to be honest with us he would admit it’s only due to the hard conditions he was facing that he started the business. Lucky for him, the business blossomed and do you know how he looks now? Like a million bucks uncut. For all those who had misconceptions about being rich, that good things only results from doing better things, better learn from Osborn, because collecting poop! I don’t think I would even do that.

Mathew Osborn’s millions generating ideas resulted from him learning about the many dogs around his home. By that time, he was so desperate, he had a wife and two kids but little money to cater for them and him. He had do two full-time jobs which were tiring and would only earn him less than six dollars per hour each! Making some extra cash was one of his main concerns. It hard to even guess how he came up with idea of cleaning up the dogs mess, situations really make one think big.

Mathew opened a small pet butler in Columbus in 1987. Little did he know that his small business would make him one of the most respected and acknowledged people in the world, money wise. The business took off at a slower rate but did considerably well as it continued. He learnt how to collect large quantities of dogs poop in the shortest time. He made some money to employ about seven people who would serve about seven thousand regular customers. He did even better that he purchased six trucks which he used to expand the business. Luckily he did his job well and his services were of high quality that he gained loyal customers. He enjoyed doing the job and satisfying his customers need and he even got a chance of working in the nicest backyards in Ohio. It was due to his determination that he made it. He used to walk through the snow to catch a bus, lived in a small apartment but still he didn’t give up to look for a better paying white collar job.

Later Mathew sold the business to an excellent manager who continued running the business well and attending to all the customer’s needs up to now. He sold the business to someone else since he felt that he had to move on and do other projects. Till now, Pet Butler is one of the largest pest waste removal services. A simple idea later turned out to be a big deal.  Mathew Osborn got a chance of living the life he wanted. It wasn’t just from a silver platter but from implementing one of the weirdest ideas on earth!

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