The buying and selling, Marty Metro gets richer


Trade is the art of buying and selling with an aim of making profits. Many are the times that some of us end up making losses but lack was on Marty Metro who made hefty profits till he became filthy rich. Every cloud has its silver lining and maybe that’s was his. To reach to the top we must start from down, no matter how down you start never lose focus and the sky would be your limit but accordant to Metro he has made his somewhere in the Mars…talk about being focused.


Metro starting having these ideas of buying and selling used cardboards after he realized that many times he had been moving from one place to another. He noted of the many types of cardboard he had been moving around with and how they can be used. Metro was a much learned person having attained an MBA from university of Arizona and also had passed through the university of Maryland. Marty had a chance of working with world’s largest organizations in a post of enterprise technology consultant.


He decided to quite his high earning job to sell boxes. At first, he became the laughing stock among his friend but they didn’t know one day he would be the one to make a lot of laughing. It was always hard for the business to blossom at the initial stages since many people were not really aware of what he was trying to do.


Marty started by selling only a hundred boxes per day, this disturbed him for a while but he never gave up. He continued working harder and marketing his ideas till now the sales are made via the use of a fifty three feet tractor trailer. He is now able to produce millions of boxes in a day since he has a large fan base.  By reusing the boxes then selling them to people, the demand of boxes is reduced. This means the rate of cutting trees is also cut down thus conserving the environment. There is still a lot to be explained on how the environment is conserved through re-using the boxes since all the processes involved in making the paper to the box end up polluting the environment. What Metro started helped to curb the industrial emission of gasses to the atmosphere or waist products.


But he later made it big and now he is running a multi million dollar company known as It is an eco friendly company which mostly guarantees free shipping of any eco-friendly product to any destination in America.


Marty has succeeded in owning one of the few eco-friendly companies that is rising to a higher ladder. He has achieved his dream of not only making a financial impact to the world but also environmental impact.

We can do many things to make money. It just depends on how far one is willing to go towards ensuring that your ideas are developed. Metro risked a high paying job to start something he wasn’t sure but he made it. We can also make it if we try.



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