Noel Bidermans infidelity website proves to be a million dollar making business


I can’t really understand the meaning of moral degradation in this modern world. In some few years to come, I doubt whether the generation of that time will differentiate between what’s good and evil. Nowadays humans don’t care what they do, just as long as they are having fun, the rest is history to them but hey, that’s a topic of another day let’s look at money issues. Money is money; either gotten from legal or scandalous schemes it still retains the name. Noel Biderman is now swimming in large bucks from one of the most criticized sources. Does he really care? I don’t think so. He tends to suggest that men are natural cheats who no matter what, end up cheating on their spouses even if it’s once in a lifetime.

Noel Biderman is happily married and a father of two and also the father inventor of the infidelity website. To him this was a dating website that is simply geared towards married persons looking for affairs. Now I get the point, he doesn’t know the meaning of infidelity, because that’s what it is. He mainly built this blog to focus on the married women who were already tired with their relationships and were looking for some spice outside. “Home wrecker”…someone called you that, not me. He continued to state he didn’t design this website for men since most men were already having affairs, men, is this really true?

Noel Biderman came under heavy criticism from most women all over the world. This website had led to a lot of divorces due to infidelity especially in Britain. He defended his site by saying that “Ashley Madison”, which is the name of the site, is just a platform where a couple which is married but not each other get a chance of interacting. According to him, most people cheat because their relationships aren’t working any more so starting an infidelity site was the best idea to deal with this…talk about taking full advantage of situations. The slogan that graces “Ashley Madison” is “Life short, Have an affair”, some short but precise words which might end up misleading a lot of people, but who cares, as long as Noel Biderman’s account gets heavier after every eleven seconds when the site recruits a new member. This web site mainly favoured the women, it not only added confidence to women but also exposed to men of their choice.

Without concentrating too much on the negatives of this blog, let’s try to look at something else. It wasn’t just an easy task that Noel came up with an idea and designed it to harvest millions from it, it was a bit challenging. He was ready to take a risk, implement what he had on mind without the fear of losing and he made it.

No matter what we say, do or hear about Noel Biderman he is still making his millions. We all have different views about different matters and so it’s upon us to work on our ideas if we want to make real money.

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