Li Xiang and PCPOP


Born in 1981 to a family of a theater director, Li Xiang is one of the youngest multi-millionaires in the world. From his early childhood, the owner of felt passionate about computers. Being aware of the recent news on IT technologies, Li decided to follow the lead of Michael Dell and Bill Gates. Just like Dell and Gates, Li decided to leave the studies and to dedicate his life to computers.

Li Xiang started his career as a journalist. In fact, he worked as a news writer for local IT magazines, sharing his knowledge with readers. With the development of IT technologies in China, Li created his very first site on the Internet. He knew that the competition was rather tough, and which is why he wanted his site to be the most attractive for Internet users. He still studied in school and had to wake up very early to upload the latest news to his site. When the site became one of the most visited in China, advertisers started to make the most interesting offers to the boy.

Even though his parents wanted him to enter university, Li Xiang chose a different path. He made a promise that he would earn at least 2,000 yuan per month. The boy told his parents that he was going to study IT technologies, and when his earnings reached 100,000 yuan, his parents stopped insisting.

Li started his business in 2000, when a future multi-millionaire and a group of his friends launched a site known as In 2004 Li Xiang was offered to sell his site for 100 million yuan, but Li refused. As he told it later, he couldn’t sell the business of his life. He knew that the money wasn’t his only goal. Li wanted success for his company.

Today is the third most visited site in China. Li’s capital equals to 200 million yuan. Li admits that persistence is the main key to success. He also says that it is always better to try and fail than to give up everything from the very beginning. Such attitude helped him to develop one of the most profitable businesses in China. But being a multi-millionaire, Li Xiang is a very down-to-earth and simple person. He enjoys working with other people, with older entrepreneurs and younger IT specialists.

Li Xiang started his career as an ordinary teenager who cared for his own well-being, and today he is one of the richest young men in China. As he often says, communication with his partners helped him to realize his mistakes, to become a wiser man, made him more independent in business and life. For his success, Li Xiang is thankful to his parents and older entrepreneurs who helped him with his career. He believes that sincerity is the key to success in business and life in general. Now that his earnings reached 200 million yuan, Li Xiang knows that he was born in the right time, in time when anyone can make his or her dream come true.

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