Kim Levines corn in a pillow! Millionaire mom’s novel idea.


What a world! Mum always said that eating popcorn on the bed was a bad idea; guess she didn’t know that there was someone else’s mum swimming in money because of it. Maybe if she would have let me continue with my habit, I would have made another similar invention…probably. Do you know you who are best real role models? Think about those people who come up with weird ideas and generate huge bucks then tell if they aren’t the best. These people motivate us to think beyond and to come with ideas that will help us develop. It doesn’t have to be big complicated expensive ideas but just simple and expandable ideas. One of them is Kim Levine, a mum inventor who turned to a millionaire from corn concept. Her story will make you realize that you don’t have to own real estates to become a millionare.

Kim Levine used to stay at home sewing clothes and watching her husband feed the deer with corn at their backyard. It was after watching this keenly severally and noticing a bag of corn that her husband left near her sewing machine that an amazing idea popped out…a relaxing warm pillow. Surely, we are all very different, it’s hard to imagine how Kim combined the two things, corn and pillow to come up with such a marvelous idea, that’s was incredible!. She realized that, by putting the corn in cloth, sewing it together then placing it the microwave, the creation of a warm relaxing pillow would arise. Without hesitation she rushed to implement her idea and what happens? Millions flows in.

She made little bags that were in various patterns known as Wuvit. When she started making the bags she thought that she would only give them as gifts to her kids or her neighbors. It was just after many phone calls from parents who wanted more Wuvit pillows for their kids who couldn’t sleep that she realized her idea would win her a fortune.

Kim never knew that one day she would own a multi-million dollar empire; it was because of her patience that she succeeded despite all the hurdles she underwent. She took the necessary actions to spread her product to the market. Luckily, she found an efficient manufacturer who created her products well, designed some nice looking packaging, and then marketed it well through different sources.

Kim Levine mostly took her Wuvit products to craft shows and the local retailers. Her major break came after Saks Department store took her products and placed them in their stores. Till today Wuvit products have never lost their value in the market. They still enjoy huge market sales making the mom inventor climb up the ladder of millionaires list.

Extraordinary results don’t have to be necessarily produced by extraordinary people; we all can with our simple ideas. It’s just by being patient, believing in ourselves and taking the necessary action that will make succeed…becoming even the next billionaires…You never know.

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