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Have you ever tried to think or ask yourself how other people think? I guess this is a very complicated thing to think about because some of us were not given brains, they have some sort of machines inside them! It’s always something good when one thinks of something simple then you critically analyze it and afterwards you make a lot of money out of it like how Phil Black did. Nobody ever thought including the inventor that impromptu card game can lead to major fun and a cool fitness program. Phil Black is the man behind this invention.


The trace of this million dollar creating fortune can be traced from as easily as when Phil was in college. He and his roommates used to play poker mostly during the night at a study break. One day after Phil lost his 4th straight hand he threw the cards away and challenged his colleagues for a push up contest. He then made a request to his friend to shuffle the cards and unleash them out face down.  Phil later took the cards and promised to perform as many push ups as the ones indicated in the cards he will chose. This turned out to be a competition that they performed daily thus they called this game push up game.


Phil also spent some years in the Navy Seal performing lots of bodyweight exercise. They were mostly these way since they couldn’t access a modern gym. He frequently asked his friends to write the description of the exercises they performed so that he can identify them when he comes back. Around this is when an idea rose that instead of writing down the descriptions of the exercises why not try to design an own deck of playing cards and these cards are to have all the information pre-packaged. Each card was to have each type of exercise and FitDeck was the name given to the cards.


Phil Black started by making dozens of prototype type of decks using different index numbers so as to test different exercises.  It was only after a lot of trying that Black later succeeds in coming up with an ides that has helped him grow a million dollar Business Empire.


He later produced large quantities of the decks and started selling them. Mostly Phil wanted to design a company that delivers effective and efficient fitness and nutrition in an innovative, a much simpler and a more convenient manner. For many years, this type of information has only been relayed to us through magazines, trainers, internet and classes so the decks offer a new type of knowing more about working out.


FitDecks are unique in their own way and they are aimed at making one have fun during exercising. Phil had noted that the number of obese kids was growing tremendously and so he created something that will make working an exercise of fun. Working and exercising your body weight is vital and worth undertaking.

We learn much from Phil, despite him being a millionaire he is concerned with our health issues.


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