Creative monk makes millions out of printer cartridge – Father Bernard McCoy


Who said that making money was only limited to some people? As long as we are making clean legal money then even the monks are not restricts to be on the reason. In life we have to be fast learners and creative as possible so as to realize things as they happen. A millionaire monk known as Father Bernard McCoy had to think what do to as fast as possible when his printer ran out of ink. He lacked one of a reasonable price after he went to shop. Then an idea popped out which has made him filthy rich till today.


Father Bernard history is mainly base on spiritual matters. He quitted high school at an age of sixteen years because he wasn’t satisfied with the school which he was studying at that time. Dedicating his life to doing much important things and to do doing good to others were some of the things he really cherished and so he went looking for a place he could get them.


Luckily he traced his destination to Thomas Aquinas College in California a non catholic institution. Initially his name was Joseph McCoy but he was later given the name Bernard by the catholic superiors who found him ignorant of saints and a novice.


Father Bernard discovered about the advantage of a cartridge when he was printing some reports for the monks. There was a meeting to be held whereby the monks were to discuss about income projects for the monastery.


The printer ran out of ink then he went to look for but they wren expensive. This is where the idea came from, the cartridge that will store ink in case of any emergency and it will only need refilling.


Mostly the idea that Father Bernard had was to focus on serving the nonprofit world but later thought of starting a business and including some individuals. They later started making a lot of money since he negotiated lucrative deals with major manufactures. These cartridges have saved customers large sum of money on imaging and printing supplies.


Father Bernard hopes his million dollar company will continue to triple its profits every year. The money generated from the sale of discounted printing and imaging supplies is mostly channeled to schools, charitable works such as catering for abused women and children, hungry people and people from war torn countries that don’t have shelters.


The idea of LaserMonk was born through consideration of ways of helping businesses, churches and schools save on their money on printing materials. The saved money can be used in other things thus becoming efficient in everything you do.


We learn a lot from Father Bernard who never gave up on his vision to see that costs are minimized. Most are the times we over look our potentials or ideas thinking that they are not deserving. Everything counts and matters, it’s up to everyone to believe and be confident just as this million dollar monk did. According to him is that we must also learn to live spiritual life so as to be able to handle our business.

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