Kim Levines corn in a pillow! Millionaire mom’s novel idea.


What a world! Mum always said that eating popcorn on the bed was a bad idea; guess she didn’t know that there was someone else’s mum swimming in money because of it. Maybe if she would have let me continue with my habit, I would have made another similar invention…probably. Do you know you who… Continue

Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan home caring products
Ken Ahronis fake wishbones wished you well, no wonder you are the creator

ty warner

Ty Warner’s Beanie Babies Hit It in Billion


The goal of every inventor is to produce something that will change radically the world and at the same time, set themselves way up high financially in the process. Ty Warner, a dropout at Kalamazoo College, began venturing on taking a job of selling stuffed toys.  He humbly started with his own line collection of… Continue

Cameron Johnson