Byron Reese’s Way of Granting Kid’s Wishes to Make Millions


Santa Claus had been a fad since the start of the history up to now. Having a portal address situated in the North Pole and assume that you are Santa Claus, charge every parent of 10 dollars for every letter that was sent to their children, Byron Reese had accomplished sending 200,000 letters since the conceptualization of the business in 2001. From then, it had made him a multi-millionaire.


One of the ways to generate more money out of the people is to take advantage of their naivety and dreams. Byron Reese formed a postal address situated in the North Pole which he had never been and pretended to be Santa. In the same way, as those Santa that sits inside the mall and let the children sit on his lap to take photos, Byron Reese takes the creativity of writing back to the letters sent by the kids but he never revealed his true identity. This was another multi million idea that personalizes the fascinating mysteries of childhood and turns himself into a multi million businessman.


Byron Reese established his company, named it as, which markets personalized letters from Santa in entire North America. The letters are even post marked to have come from North Pole, Alaska to provide an authentic feeling among the kids. In his first year of business in 2001, Reese had sold 10,000 letters. From then on, holiday sales are increasing subsequently every year and still, he looked for innovative ways of expanding his offering.  The new marketing strategy that parents can now purchase birthday cards for their children’s birthday from Santa Claus was pushed in 2005 and raised up his sales up to $1 million.


However, the key to everyone’s success is organization. By carefully understanding that his staff is having difficulty to withstand the 36-hour shift, Reese outsources to outside vendors to help him market the product during the holiday rush. He plans well, and manages to deal for every problem and carefully look for solutions in the soonest possible time. As early as February, he is ready to start marketing the product.


Byron’s childhood experiences had a great influence on this business. As a child, he was fascinated installing strings of colorful Christmas lights and decorating cookies every year. When he was a child, his parents would usually give him letters coming from Santa. And when his mother died, he wanted to offer this business in honor of her. He began it with very low expectations, but to his surprise, he had sold 10,000 letters on the first year. He loves the expression on the postman’s face when he purchases 40,000 Santa stamps every Christmas. The importance of Christmas season is a serious consideration for Byron that he made sure a rigidly accurate program was implemented. Multiple people, considered his elves will thoroughly check each letter and ensure complete accuracy. Other services also include birthday cards from Santa and other occasions after the Christmas event.

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