Brian Scudamore stashes millions in a flash


We live in a world full of opportunities. Many times we tend to overlook these opportunities and try to find something that we only end up giving them up. Never assume or laugh at a person because of what he/she is doing, you might end up being laughed at the end. For Brian Scudamore, some of the friends he had ended up leaving him or laughing at him when he started collecting trash on using his seven hundred dollars pick up.  Scudamore was building his million dollar empire from just a single step heading to a thousand miles.


Brian Scudamore is the founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK and he started it after noticing a junk collecting truck in front of him when in a McDonalds drive through. He also realized that the truck didn’t collect all the rubbish so he thought of starting a business that will end up satisfying all the consumer needs if they needed clean environment. Brian came up with the word Rubbish Boys and the slogan “We’ll stash your trash in a flash after he began hiring his fellow student’s to help him handle the work. Since he was eager to boost sales, his crew would often “junk patrol” looking around the city for the junk that has not been collected. At the early stages, the business was not fairing well at all since he had less facilities to cope with all the work.


He had only hired some few personnel who didn’t have adequate working tools. Brian also had little money to ensure everything was in the right condition. Despite all these, he never gave up but he remained focused on achieving the best. Brian had passed through university studies so he wasn’t used to lose hope in everything he did.


It was not until 1993 when Scudamore decided to quite his university studies so as to concentrate on his newly found profession. The company name was known as Rubbish Boy Disposal Service Inc before the name was changed in 1998. His business blossomed and many people admired his services. The struggle and all the hard work were crowned when he was offered a contract by the United States government of removal and recycling services.


1-800-GOT-JUNK is a company makes the removal of junk exceptional and is the ordinary of business they perform. Any unwanted material is removed thus creating an environment with which facilitates a peace of mind. Brian invested in hiring more people, purchasing trucks and setting a goal that would help build a household name. The company has grown and has spread to many locations in fact over two hundred locations across three countries.


Many tales of these filthy rich individuals show us how they started from a low point till they rose to the top. They were humbled and patient since they knew what they wanted. We should also set our own targets and know how to achieve them. Everything is achievable, one just has to try and give it time. Brian Scudamore was patient and now he is swimming in billions…why cant we?


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