Bill Benter, A Modern Day Wyatt Earp



Though facts and events of his childhood are little known, William “Bill” Benter has become internationally known for his development of what has been argued to be one of the world’s most lucrative computer advancements.  This software has been his key tool in his attack on the horse racing bazaar in Hong Kong.

This software is reported to successfully assess numerous variables for every equine, rider, track and trainer.  Allegedly, Benters’ software started out examining 16 variables for the horses, but with computer technology advancements, Benter and his team has now developed 120 handicapping factors.  Using the outcome of these reports, Benter and his team can generate their own probabilities, using them to place bets against an unsuspecting public.

Benter grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Before he started gambling, he was awarded a university physics degree.  While his strong math skills helped in his start counting cards, legend suggests that in 1970 he was introduced to a book entitled “Beat the Dealer.”  After memorizing this book he took to the Black Jack tables in Vegas, from which he was later banned for winning frequently.  It was during this time that Benter met Alan Woods, creating a dynamic team.

Benter and new friend Woods ventured to Hong Kong in 1984 with $150,000 which was primarily funded by Woods.  Using their finely tuned math skills and the concepts from their card counting days, the duo developed a strategy for choosing winners on the race track.  The pair later split over what was rumored to be disagreements over money.

Following this split, Benter continued in his race track and software endeavors.  It is reported that Benter has a number of individuals employed whose single, most important job is to review tapes of the races after every event.  These employees judge the horses based on characteristics such as pace during the first third of the race; whether the horse was jarred by another horse during a turn and how well it recovered; and how well the animal finished.

Benter seems to have branched out in the last ten years.  As a member of what is known as The Royal Statistical Society, he has presented organized speeches at Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, multiple universities in Hong Kong and in Southampton and Nevada in the US.  In addition, Benter consults with widely known mathematician. International CEO and Chairman of local medical transcription services company Acusis in Pittsburgh, PA, and visiting professor at Southampton Management School founded Benter Foundation in 2007 which chiefly invests in organizations which are based in Pittsburgh and are committed to advancing developments in human services, youth organizations, education, and the arts.

Benter is a controversial supporter of political causes.  However, rumors escalate that Benter earns around US $100 million annually with his developments on the track and that he tends to “spread the wealth” through his foundation and through substantial donations to respected charities.  Benter seems to promote peace and unity in all of his activities, much like Wyatt Earp of the Old West.

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