Andrey Ternovskiy and ChatRoulette


Andrey Ternovskiy came up with the idea of his site,, in 2009. The main principle of the site is very similar to Russian roulette. User needs to click one button to find a stranger on the same network and to start the chat. In order to stop the chat or to find a new stranger, user also needs to click one button. The site links users in random order.

Within a couple of months, Andrey’s site became a great success. New York Magazine and New York Times were more than pleased to write about a young computer genius. In one day, Andrey was overwhelmed by success and numberless offers to sell the service. Back in 2009, the site was valued at $50 million. The world was really impressed with Andrey’s success, but it was even more impressed with the news that Ternovskiy refused to sell the business, that he decided to enter university and then to move to the USA. Being fond of Chinese and English, Andrey always wanted to become an interpreter.

Andrey Ternovskiy started his business only 2 years ago, but today his site is more than popular. Over one million users from all over the world visit every day. Andrey makes good earning on advertisement.

At the present days, so many investors are willing to work with the schoolboy that he can easily afford saying something like “they need me more than I need them”. He also laughs at the absurd offerings to sell his business for one million dollars. He has never thought he would become a great businessman one day. Andrey doesn’t rush out to make some serious decisions. He is now in San Francisco where he is planning to meet the representatives of Google, Skype and other leading IT companies. He is willing to put all his efforts to break through, to make it in California, to follow his dream. was widely criticized for nudity and even pornographic content. But Ternovskiy doesn’t give up. He believes he can make the site cleaner, more attractive for users. He also admits that it’s really hard to do something about people willing to show up without any clothes. To overcome this problem, Ternovskiy has made an agreement with other, less prudent sites. Today a user flagged for nudity by a certain number of people can easily get transferred from to an adult dating site. And referral traffic is what helps Ternovskiy to earn even more money.

Ternovskiy admits that today the site makes good money on naked men, but only a couple of month ago they were a real headache for him and his partners.

Now that the site is re-launched and updated, is one of the most visited web sites in the USA. Ternovskiy’s monthly earnings reach $100,000, and most of the profit is made on the naked men. At the same time, Andrey Ternovskiy lives quite a simple life, sharing a one-bedroom apartment with his friends. The boys live and work together, all in one room.


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