Alex Tew and His Million Dollar Homepage



Unbelievably, it just took a 21-year old guy a couple of minutes to formulate an idea that made him million of dollars in a span of four months. What is his secret then? Everything started with a problem in finances to pay for his college education. He had an overdraft which will surely be multiplied when he entered the university, and he realized that his poverty was manifested in the lack of decency of his matching socks. Holding a piece of paper, he wrote, “How can I become a millionaire?” A couple of minutes later, the idea of a Million Dollar Homepage was conceptualized.


Now, he is making millions of dollars out of that business. An idea of how much is the worth of that solitary pixel making up a cyberspace is what started his business. Alex Tew estimated it to be $1 per pixel and considered it a reasonable price. The idea was formulated when Tew was beginning his studies in a business course at the University of Nottingham. To aid in the funding of his education, Tew proved that he had already a mental responsiveness of what a successful businessman should be. He purchased a web domain and set a plan to establish an area of 1,000,000 pixels, and later sold every pixel as an advertising space, a dollar for every dot. Minimum purchases was set to $100 for a block of 10X10 pixel square,  enough to have within that area the buyer’s design logo. The buyers of these blocks of pixels had provided small images, a URL to link those images and a slogan that needs to be displayed when a cursor will be placed over the link.


Clicking on the space takes the readers to the official website of the buyer. The main purpose of the website was to generate income by selling all of the pixels containing the image, and generate millions of dollars. The Wall Street Journal had featured the site, and then later inspired other websites to sell pixels, too. Various ads range from online casinos and everything else in between fill in every block of the homepage. The project was entitled, “The Million Dollar Homepage”. The idea was conceived on August 2005, and from then, the website had become an internet phenomenon. The ranking of the website reaches to the peak of web traffic of 127 and at December 2009, the traffic reaches to 35,983. By 1 January 2006, the left 1,000 pixels were set up for an auction on eBay. That auction was concluded on January 11, a bid amounting to $38,100 won and every pixel bar had been sold out. Tew then made a bashing $1,037,100 from that simple idea of his, and he also been successful to deal with big clients such as Tenacious D.


Service attacks were attempted and there is a demand for ransom on the website during the auction which leads to inaccessibility of the website to visitors for almost a week. The security system needs to be upgraded because of this incident attack and the persons in authority have conducted investigations.


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