Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan home caring products


For us to all remain healthy, we must first be clean and ensure we handle clean utensils and food. With the lots of pollution nowadays, it has become hard for people to maintain cleanliness. At homes most people strive to keep the conditions favorable and clean away from dirt. But this can not be a hundred percent done. Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan are among the pioneers who are ready to prove this theory wrong that cleanliness can not be maintained to a very high level since they have invented products that will simply that.


What captured the attention of Adam and Ryan was when they had invited some friends over to their place for a party. They realized when they were having fun; talking and laughing most of them ended up in coming into contact with some form of dirt. Some who were maybe drunk would go on mishandling things in the room which were either dirty or clean without caring much. From these they saw the importance of maintaining cleanliness in an environment.


Adam and Ryan idea was referred to as eco-cleaner design where by they go green in their products. Their mostly wanted to brand their products using that green. These two millionaires have been friends since high school and they have been running their company together. They are trying to make their products accessible fro aesthetic standpoint to price point for everyone to see. They incorporated the green thing to show sustainability of their products. One of their products is the toilet bowl cleaner. They had been to make it toxic so they found out new technology of doing so. Adam and Ryan give a lecture to people also. They were the inventors of the home cleansing products and so they can also offer some piece of advice to people. Clean your hands or the bulb when you want to touch it. Bulbs may be dirty if left exposed and so they have come up with a product that will help cleanse the bulb.


Eric and Ryan faced hurdles on their way to success. The littler capital they had could not sustain what they wanted to do but they made it. They sold their products to the neighbors and parents who helped them in enlarging their market base. They posted a lot of information about their products online. Most of the products created by Ryan and Adam are eco friendly. They don’t contain any chemical that might end up affecting you. While designing their products they first consider the human health and life style. They looked for ways of making the surrounding more cleanly without the human struggling much.


Adam and Ryan developed a simple idea and now they are millionaires out of it. We learn something good from them that we should remain patient and positive in life. . These young inventors mostly thought of how they can improve the human conditions and assist them to live well and that’s why they succeeded. We should also think big and be ready to face challenges in life like they did.

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